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Study modes

There are a range of different study options to suit each student's learning style. Before you enrol into university take some time to plan your study to ensure that the enrolment decisions you make will set you up for success.

Here are the different modes of study we offer at CDU:

Internal study

  • Internal study is available at our different campuses
  • Each unit studied internally has different contact hours. Some courses have more on-campus hours than others
  • Internal study

External study (online)

  • Study is completed online via Learnline, you'll need access to reliable internet
  • External study is more flexible so you can choose to study at times that suit you
  • External study is ideal if you're working full time and you're unable to attend class
  • When you choose to study externally, it's assumed you have some computing skills

Mixed study mode

  • You can choose to study some units internally and others externally based on your own individual needs

Find out more

Check out the study modes available in your desired course. To find out which modes are offered, find your desired course in the CDU Course Catalogue and view the Location and Mode Offered table on the Overview Tab.