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MyCareerMatch matches a student’s strengths and personality with suitable careers and educational pathways. CDU provides this service to all high schools in the Northern Territory.

Students complete an online survey and both the student and their career practitioner will receive a career report that includes:

  • how to choose a career that’s right for them
  • a personality analysis and summary of a their natural strengths  
  • a list of over 50 jobs that match who they are and what they’d be good at 
  • insights into their work-related strengths and ideal work environment 
  • the qualities they would bring to the job and how they make a difference  
  • a student work book

How it works


Each school is set up with their own personalised landing page that includes contact details of the Career Adviser and the school's logo. The Career Adviser from each school will be provided with login details.

During a career session with their Career Adviser, students can login to their CDU School Page and complete their profile. Once they have answered all the questions a Career Profile will be sent directly to the student and copied to the Career Adviser.

The Career Adviser can then analyse the report with the student and discuss potential career paths and opportunities available to the student. 

How it Works

Each school will also have access to additional accompanying resources including resume, interview and parent guides for each personality type as well as a workbook should teachers want to use this service as part of a lesson. 

For more information about MyCareerMatch and how your school can get involved please contact:

T: 08 8946 6226